Unlock Your Hosting Business Potential with Ctrl Alt Fix Systems and Infinity Cloudhost.

Unlock Your Hosting Business Potential with Company X and Website 1. Become a Reseller and Thrive in the Digital Landscape.

Our Reseller Hosting Solutions you’re creating opportunities, nurturing growth, and forging lasting partnerships

Profitable Opportunities

Harness the potential of the digital landscape. Our reseller hosting lets you capitalize on the booming demand for web services, enabling you to create a lucrative business model.

Custom Branding

Establish your unique identity. Our white-label reseller hosting allows you to showcase your brand while we handle the technical aspects behind the scenes.

Reliable Infrastructure

Our reputation matters, and we understand that. Our reseller hosting is backed by a robust infrastructure, ensuring your clients experience consistent performance and uptime.

Scalability for Growth

As your reseller business flourishes, our scalable resources ensure you can seamlessly accommodate an expanding client base without compromising quality.

Seamless Management

Streamline your operations effortlessly. Our user-friendly control panel empowers you to manage multiple client accounts efficiently.

Competitive Pricing

Enjoy wholesale rates and flexible pricing structures, giving you the competitive edge in the reseller hosting market.

Affordable reseller hosting

Choose Ctrl Alt Fix systems for reseller hosting that transcends expectations. Join the ranks of successful resellers who trust us with their hosting needs and embark on a journey of entrepreneurial success today. Your brand, your clients, your future – powered by us.


Ksh 2500


4 vCPU


200 GB SSD

Host Upto 100 Accounts

1 IP Address

Public NameServer

Word Class Support


Ksh 4500


6 vCPU



Host Upto 200 Accounts

1 IP Address

Public NameServer

World Class Support

Frequently Asked Questions
What is reseller hosting, and how does it work?

Reseller hosting allows you to start your own hosting business by leasing server resources from a provider like Ctrl Alt Fix Systems and Infinity CloudHost. You can create customized hosting packages and offer them to your clients, while we handle the technical aspects of server maintenance and support.

Why choose reseller hosting over other hosting options?

Reseller hosting empowers you to build a unique hosting brand without the costs and complexities of managing your own servers. With Ctrl Alt Fix Systems and Infinity CloudHost, you get a white-label solution backed by industry-leading infrastructure and support.

How much technical expertise do I need to become a reseller?

You don't need extensive technical knowledge. Ctrl Alt Fix Systems and Infinity CloudHost provide user-friendly control panels and expert support to guide you through setup, management, and troubleshooting.

Can I customize the hosting plans for my clients?

Absolutely. With reseller hosting, you have the flexibility to tailor hosting packages to suit your clients' needs, branding, and pricing preferences.

How reliable is the server uptime for reseller hosting?

Ctrl Alt Fix Systems and Infinity CloudHost prioritize server uptime, ensuring a stable environment for your clients' websites. Our advanced infrastructure and monitoring systems guarantee minimal downtime.

What support will I receive as a reseller?

Our dedicated support teams at Ctrl Alt Fix Systems and Infinity CloudHost are available 24/7 to assist you and your clients. From technical queries to account management, we're here to ensure your reseller journey is smooth.

Can I upgrade my reseller hosting as my business grows?

Absolutely. With Ctrl Alt Fix Systems and Infinity CloudHost, you can easily scale your reseller hosting resources to accommodate your growing client base. We provide seamless upgrades without disruption.

Is reseller hosting suitable for web designers and agencies?

Yes, reseller hosting is ideal for web designers and agencies looking to offer hosting services alongside design. You can manage multiple client accounts from a single dashboard and provide a comprehensive solution.

How do I manage billing and payments for my clients?

With Ctrl Alt Fix Systems and Infinity CloudHost, you can use our integrated billing systems or choose third-party options. We provide the tools to handle client invoicing and payments efficiently.

What sets Ctrl Alt Fix Systems and Infinity CloudHost's reseller hosting apart?

Our reseller hosting combines the expertise of Ctrl Alt Fix Systems and the hosting excellence of Infinity CloudHost. You'll benefit from a powerful partnership, reliable infrastructure, customizable plans, and exceptional support.